Whether you’re searching for an exotic resort vacation or an exhilarating eco-tourism adventure, Costa Rica is sure to dazzle and amaze. Costa Rica is the place where millions of travelers enjoy a taste of the ‘Pura Vida’ or ‘pure life’, a country that offers stunning views of the ocean and natural territories, idyllic venues for resorts and hotels, and plenty of activities to enjoy the great outdoors at its best. With twenty-six national parks and dozens of luxury hotels and resorts, a trip to Costa Rica is a true vacation to paradise.

Key points of interest and attractions in Costa Rica include: the beaches of Drake Bay and Pavones; the Irazu volcano; the Monteverde Cloud Forest; whitewater rafting rivers on the Rios Pacuare; and the nightlife hotspots on the Southern Caribbean Coast. Rain forests and tropical dry forests are prime locations for the eco-travel enthusiasts, and offer plenty of hiking trails, parks and rafting adventures where you can catch a glimpse of some of the rarest wildlife on the planet.

The Southern Caribbean Coast is where you’ll find several tourist hot spots, unique cultural events and a medley of restaurants and cafes that speak to the Afro-Caribbean culture of the area. Visitors here can explore the banana plantations, head out on a safari trail, or simply take in some local music on the streets; it’s easy to find Rastafarians, calypso music and reggae bands throughout the area on any given day.

Key cities to explore in the South Caribbean include Puerto Limon, Manzanillo, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Other key regions in Costa Rica include San Jose, the South Pacific and Osa Peninsula (South Puntarenas); Limon, otherwise known as the Caribbean Coast; and Caratago, or the Central Valley.

Each region in Costa Rica offers a wealth of activities, attractions and cultural sites to explore and experience. Costa Rica has become a world-renowned eco-tourism hot spot, and continues to offer an unforgettable vacation experience for millions of travelers of all tastes, each and every year.

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